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Foto: Wendy Taylor for Libertine Magazine

Arnbjörg María Danielsen
 is a theatremaker and curator working in the cross-sectional oasis between contemporary music, theatre, and opera. Her interdisciplinary practice combines artistic production, dramaturgical and curatorial approaches. As a director, she has developed interdisciplinary music theatre productions on the intersection of contemporary and classical music, visual arts, performance, literature, and historical research, working with international symphonic orchestras, theatres and festivals. Arnbjörg has also worked for years in Greenland developing the Far North artistic network and founding the Disko Arts Festival for contemporary art and theatre in the high Arctic. Arnbjörg was born in Reykjavik, and grew up in Norway and Iceland. She has lived for the greater part of her life in Central Europe, i.e. Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Berlin.

See Archive for selected past and upcoming projects.